3rd Meeting of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) - 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India

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NPDRR Pre-Event 12 - National Workshop on Climate Adaptive Planning for Disaster Resilience

17th April 2020, The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi


Disaster is a combination of natural hazard and vulnerability. When a vulnerable population or community is exposed to any natural hazard event, it results in a disaster. In last few decades, the human losses linked to weather-related disasters have decreased; however, economic cost of the disasters has increased globally. Rapid urbanisation, burgeoning population, climate change and environment degradations are key drivers in increasing disaster risks. The climate change affect increases the disaster risk in two ways- firstly, through an increase in intensity and frequency of future disaster events and secondly through increase in vulnerabilities of community to any natural hazards which may be driven degraded ecosystems, reduction in water and food availability etc. the key sectors that will be affected due to climate change and increased disaster extremes are: water, food, health, and industry, settlements and society2 . Existing methods and tools for disaster risk reduction provide powerful capacities for responding to climate change. The key climate change strategies include climate change mitigation and adaption. While mitigation activities primarily looks at addressing the root cause of climate change, the adaption strategies aims at reducing the impact of climate change. To effectively respond climate change, there is a need for mainstreaming climate change adaption into development planning across different sectors such as agriculture, water resource management, industrial and urban development planning. India, being a country of Eco geophysical, climatic and socio-economic diversity, the hazard and vulnerability settings varies across the regions. Disasters, particularly those related with climate change, are serious challenges for disaster management as well as climate change fraternity.

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